Study characteristics


Our college offers to students a high level of specialised education, quality language education (English and German), placements in hospitals in English and German speaking countries, over standard background of media centre and Wi-Fi coverage of all school premises. (more in school characteristics.)


All the applicants who completed secondary education and successfully passed Maturita exam and also fullfill health requirements of the chosen course of study and for future practicing of the profession (it must be confirmed by the doctor) and successfully pass the entrance exam can be admitted for the study at VOŠZ. (information for the entrance exam – press here.


Organization of the study in the college is very similar to university study. It takes 3 years for full-time study course and 3.5 years for the part-time study course for both Certified Paramedic and Certified General Nurse. School year is divided into two terms (winter and summer) after each there is a 3-week exam period.


Besides the main clinical subjects as Internal medicine, Surgery, Anatomy, Paediatrics, First Aid and Nursing, students take place in lectures and seminars in Psychology, Etics, Biophysics, Biochemistry, Latin, English and German languages etc. Certified Paramedic course also has compulsory lessons of physical education and during the study they take part in three compulsory

intensive courses specialised in mountain rescue team work and water rescue team work. These intensive courses take place in real setting under the supervision of the parts of Integrated rescue System. Compulsory part of the study are also placements which take place in medical institutions both in Brno and outside Brno.

Study is finished by absolutorium exam which is a complex final exam. Students take exam in specialised subjects, foreign language and besides that they defend their final thesis. When they successfully pass the final exam they are awarded the certificate of absolutorium exam and diploma of the specialist. They are awarded a title DiS (diploma specialist), which is places behind the name.

Our students take place in number of charity activities as “Bílá pastelka“, „Květinový den“, they prepare preventive activities as Day of the health, organize visits to stationaries and hospitals during their studies.Traditional activity is Animal hospital for children from nursery schools and activity Animals also don’t smoke. They organize also annual student conference.