History of the College of Healthcare and Nursing in Brno


History is created by a continuous chain of events, changes, successes and obscurities. The period in which College of Healthcare and Nursing was forming and developing came in close relationship with the historical era in which we lived and have been living now – a period full of changes and turnovers, a period of establishing and disappearing of various authorities and institutions, new conceptions and efforts.


At the same time it was a period full of hard work and difficult studies and training of our students for their future difficult and praiseworthy occupation.


College was established on 1st September 1990 as a secondary nursing school by splitting the secondary nursing school in Jaselská street in two. Merits for the origin of the school can be given to Brno teachers and medical staff, many of whom were working in the school or contributed to its history in some way. Above all it is necessary to mention the first headmistress of the school Mgr. Naděžda Tomková and Ing. Milan Podsedník, whose father’s name was the school bearing in the past.


The school functioned under the coordination of District Authority of National Health. The authority was cancelled in 1990 and the founder became Regional Authority of Brno, later Brno City Municipality. In the first years of existence school specialized in training of paediatric nurses and gynaecology nurses which was another expressions for midwives. Student life of a secondary school was enriched by sight-seeing trips to Prague and other places of the Czech Republic We organized undergraduate and graduate balls as well as admired beautiful tableaux in Brno streets. In this period school has already specialised in further education for general and paediatric nurses, midwives and after a long period of preparation also for specialised intensive care unit nurses and psychiatric nurses. Although the most important activity was the preparation for introduction of the courses of College of Healthcare and Nursing. Secondary Nursing School and the College of Healthcare and Nursing of Josef Podsedník was a full name of the institution established by the verdict of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic on 1 September 1996 which became an independent legal subject under the Ministry of Health. But two months later all secondary nursing schools were transfered under the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.  


Since 1997 College of Healthcare and Nursing of Josef Podsedník concentrated only on further education in four, later six types of courses. We were one of two Colleges in the Czech Republic which were training certified medical staff in further education courses. Training in that time took place in five specialised classrooms, in modern IT room, media centre with library and study room. Students regularly took part in competitions in giving first aid, charity projects as „Bílá pastelka“, „Květinový den“, sporting and professional courses. After the competition on 1 February 1999 a new headmistress PhDr. Miroslava Markvartová became the head of the school. School life underwent another changes. In 2006 last graduates of certified paediatric nurses, certified midwife and certified psychiatric nurse left school as well as one year earlier last very much needed certified intensive unit care nurses. In Europe the ideas of importance of these specialised courses were underestimated. But now the fact that the medical staff trained in these specialised fields will be missing in hospitals seriously is gradually becoming a fact. 


On 1 February 2007 PhDr. Petr Hruška MBA became the new headmaster of the school. Under his leadership College of Healthcare and Nursing has successfully prepared the accrediting process of courses for Certified General Nurse and Certified Paramedic and a new conception of both.


In 2008 Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic accredited both Certified General Nurse and Certified Paramedic couses full-time study programmes and in 2010 also part-time study programmes for both courses.


School during forthcoming years established contacts with nursing schools in Stuttgart, Edinburgh in Scotland and Lahti in Finland. These contacts continue by regular exchange stays and placements of students in partner hospitals and institutions abroad and in Brno.


College student competitors in first aid competitions regularly take the front positions (in paramedic competition in Ostrava 2008 5th place, Ostrava 2009 1st place, in similar competition of nurses in Brno 2009 2nd place).


College established a long-time cooperation with primary schools in teaching first aid, courses in camouflage, with institution Healthy Brno in organizing a March of all generations, Animals also don’t smoke preventive activity and since 2008 educative and preventive project Animal hospital for children from Brno nursing schools.


Every year students take part in charitable activity of Typhlocentre Brno „White colour pencil“, League against cancer „Czech day against cancer“, holiday with Emil or Brno drive without cars which are all actively helped by our students.


There are many more activities like this during every school year - competitions of groups of young healthcare workers, helping with organizing international festival „Dark blue festival“ for youth with vision problems and also as medical support at different activities and sporting school activities.


Very popular is organizing of St. Nicolas meetings with ill children in stationaries and hospitals as well as promotion activities and exhibitions as a part of International Non-smokers Day 2010, 2011 where our students took front places in competition of the whole republic.


Exceptional activities are also important. Our volunteer students took part as assistants in „European games of handiccaped youth“ and in 2010 they provided medical support during The visit od Pope Benedict XVI in Brno.


College also support many cultural activities. Every year college ball has growing pupularity, students prepare it and take part in its organization well in advance. For theatre lovers there is a cooperation with Brno National Theatre, City Theatre and cultural centre Rubín in booking tickets for chosen performances.


Along its history and under different names changing for a period the school has been training and educating medical staff of high quality which is searched for by Brno and out of Brno hospitals and medical institutions. This fact testifies the credit of the school gained by its respectable, honest and demanding attitude to the students, to their education and training as well as to the general public.

                                                                                                                         PhDr. Arnošt Trkan